Below are a few of the custom log homes we at R&R Log Homes, Inc. have hand crafted over the years. Homes are made primarily of locally harvested Lodgepole Pine but we have also used Douglas Fir, Cedar, Tamarack and other species of wood in our construction.

Depending on your requirements, we will bid and construct Log shells to completed turnkey homes. We have constructed cabin hideaways to 6000+ square foot homes. Log joints can be either Swedish Cope or Chinked based upon individual tastes.

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Exterior and interior photos are included, as well as several "in construction" shots. Check out our
Home page as well.

  Homes are engineered for heavy snow loads
"Rustic" Cabin in the woods

Over 6000 Square Foot McCall Idaho Home

 Can build to take advantage of a beautiful View!

We choose wood with character to accent the beauty of the home's interior

Strong and elegant support systems built into every home.


Can you see you and your family in

a custom handcrafted home built by us?

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Our son training for the family business!

After the home plans have been finalized, we start construction at our specially prepared work site just north of Council Idaho. This site is just of Highway 95 and allows us the ability to do winter projects if required.

All building materials are delivered to our work site, precisely measured, cut, and fit piece by piece until we have assembled our customer's handcrafted log shell.

Once the home is assembled then all logs are marked for re-assembly at its final location. The logs are then loaded on trucks for transport to the customer's site.

Our building facility allows for working even during winter.

Custom masonry can be included to add beauty to your home.


Check out our Home page as well.